Aims and Scope

The World Journal of Medical Education and Research (WJMER) is the online publication of the Doctors Academy Group of Educational Establishments. This open access, peer-reviewed journal is published on a quarterly basis, with the aim of promoting academia and research amongst all members of the multi-disciplinary healthcare team, including doctors, dentists, scientists, and students of these specialties from all around the world.

The principal objective of the journal is to encourage the aforementioned professionals and individuals, from developing countries in particular, to publish their work. The journal intends to promote the healthy transfer of knowledge, opinions and expertise between those who have the benefit of cutting-edge technology and those who need to innovate within their resource constraints. It is our hope that this will help to develop medical knowledge and to support optimal clinical care in different settings all over the world.

We envisage an incessant stream of information to flow along the channels that WJMER will create and that a surfeit of ideas will be gleaned from this process.