Advertising Policy

  1. All articles and editorial content on WJMER are editorially independent of advertisers and sponsors. Both distributors and advertisers are not allowed to alter any editorial content. The opinions expressed in editorial sections of the WJMER are the sole responsibility of the authors of these documents.
  2. WJMER does not endorse products or services or offer endorsements in the form of advertising or sponsored material.
  3. WJMER reserves the right to decline any type of advertising that is inappropriate or damaging to its brand.
  4. Advertisements must be accurate, non-deceptive, and non-exploitative. They must also maintain a cohesive visual, textual and auditory element that is non-offensive, decent, and non-sexually explicit. It must not discriminate against gender, sexual orientation, or religious or political beliefs.
  5. The Editor reserves the sole rights to deploy and remove advertisement, without any obligation to express reasons for the action.
  6. WJMER has clear and detailed policies prohibiting advertisements that intentionally or unintentionally harm mental or emotional health and does not advertise products or services that could harm readers.
  7. WJMER will remain true to its foundational principles and will not be swayed or influenced by advertisers, potential advertisers, sponsors, and potential sponsors. WJMER will not alter its policy to position with any marketing decisions.
  8. WJMER will summarily reject advertisements that are not relevant to academic publishing, research and reviews that are not scientific by nature.
  9. Advertisers will not be allowed to affect search results on WJMER journal.
  10. If a request for an advertisement outside of WJMER’s conventions is made, the Editorial Board will respond with a complete and final decision as soon as possible.