Echocardiography Results for COVID-19 Patients Admitted to Intensive Care
Tolson OW, Ashok Raj S

Burnout - The Second Pandemic
Tweedie A

Healthcare Professionals’ Perception of Mobile Learning in Singapore
Rajaratnam V

Barriers to HPV Vaccination and Cervical Cancer Prevention at Health Personnel Level During the COVID 19 Pandemic in Eldoret, Kenya
Mabeya H, Menon S, Orango O, Odunga J, Broeck DV, Kaihura D

Debating Cadaveric Dissection in Medical Schools: A Review of Anatomy Teaching in Contemporary Clinical Education
Sharma A

Maximising Operative Training Opportunities for Non-Training Grade Doctors in Neurosurgery
Baig AA, Soon WC, Rodrigues D, Lo WB

The Effectiveness of Near Peer Mentorship in Improving Medical Student Engagement with Evidence Based Medicine
Collis J, Rawther F, Neves A, Rafii M, Kumaravel B

Patients’ And Surgeons’ Perceptions and Experiences of Brachial Plexus Injury Surgery in Cambodia: A Qualitative Study
Rahman NA, Rajaratnam V, Kim YJ, Leon WL, Gollogly J

Learning Styles of Undergraduate Medical Students: Effect of Socio-Demographic and Educational Background Characteristics
Magdy H, El-Masry R, Alwerdani MM, Abd-Elhamid SA, Nafeh A

The Golden 5 Minutes for Preparation of Multiple Observed Standardised Long Examination Record for Clinical Encounter in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Fadhil KH, Robert SD, Farhad ES

Digital Transformation of an Immersive Career Experience Programme in Medicine During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Pearce J, Maconick L, Wardrope E, Kohli M

The Impact of COVID Pandemic on Rates of Deliberate Self-harm in a Tertiary Hand Unit
Tan P, Brewster C, Jose R

Off-pump versus On-pump Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting: A Comparison of Long-term Graft Patency in Returning Patients
Darwin O, Butterfield ER

Establishing Self-Care Practices Early in Medical and Health Education: A Reflection on Lessons Learnt from the COVID19 Pandemic
Bandara NA, Yada R, Wong R

Effect of an Educational Meeting on the Understanding by Patients of the Results of Laboratory Test
Tosetti C, Nanni I

Diet as a Potential Therapeutic Target in the Management of Chronic Pain: A Review
French E

A Cadaver Simulation Model for Basic Hand Surgery Training – a Design and Development Research
Shanmugam BM, Tong PY, Power D, Lam WL, Rajaratnam V

Preparing Course Learning Objectives Guide: A Four Stage Process
Al-lawama M

Harmful Effects of Video Games on Youths A Study
Ejimkonye PO, Barabash IV

Doctors Academy

Media Manipulators How Social Media Companies Are Creating and Exploiting Teenagers Insecurities
Enoch KM, Williams RC

The Importance of Safeguarding Children and Young People During the COVID-19 Pandemic A Message to Clinicians
Ooi R, Ooi SZY

The Transition from Face-to-Face to Virtual Teaching The Challenges and Opportunities
Rees L, Bell A, Bell C

Changes in Medical Education as a Consequence of the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Reflective Piece
Ooi R, Ooi SZY

The Impact of a Global Pandemic on the Mental Health of Children The Silent Screams
Sivasubramanian K

The Pandemic Has Snatched a Generation of British Children. Adults Have Turned a Deaf Ear to Their Tormented Cries
Proffessor S Enoch

Perception of Competence of Senior Medical Students Using Problem Based Learning and Traditional Learning Models
Joseph A, Fabian E, Henry N

USMLE Step 1: A Change for the Better?
Ooi SZY, Ooi R

Determinants of Hospital Emergency Preparedness in Machakos Level 5 and Kangundo Level 4 Hospitals
Kahare1 M, Mwangi1 E, Njuguna1 S

Role-Play on Consultation in General Practice for Medical Students
Tosetti C, Zocchi D, Ermini G, Balduzzi A, Bauleo S, Cau R, Marzo C, Speziali P

The Biological Effect of Grape Leaves on Liver Disease Rats Induced by Carbon Tetrachloride (CCL4)
Negm DR, Mustafa RA, ElSawy NA

The Role of Innate Factors in The Aetiology of Obesity
Enoch TR

Management of Ectopic Pregnancy
Muthusamy S; Reihani H; Khan RA; Kumar A

Patient’s Autonomy: The Right to Choose Who Patients Consult in a Public Teaching Hospital
Kumar R

Surgical Snapshot: Management of Right Iliac Fossa Pain in Adults and Children
Rait JS, Singh S, Davis H, Fernandes R

The Perceived Role of Community-Based Medical Education Among Kenyan-Trained Medical Doctors’ Choice of Specialty
Chege PM

Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Diabetic Foot Patients Admitted to the Surgical Wards at Baghdad Teaching Hospital: A Cross-Sectional Study
Al-Jasim A, Al-Kubaisy OA, Al-Khafaji AO

Current Trends of Assessments in Medical Education with Special Reference to Preferred Tools in Anatomy Examinations
Hulail M, Hassan NH, Tharwat M, ElSawy NA

Factors Affecting Treatment Compliance Among Type 2 Diabetes Patients on Follow- Up at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital
Koech C, Nguka G, Oloo AJ

Ectopic Pregnancy and Levonorgestrel - Only Emergency Contraception: A Systematic Review
Shurie S, Lwande G

Do Undergraduate Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs) Adequately Address the Domains Required of a Safe Physician?
Ashcroft J

Education in Communicating Methods - An Effective Tool for Improving Interpersonal Relationships Between Health Care Professionals and Patients
Lakshmikantha N, Nayak SB, Kashinkunti M , Mukherjee S

Reflective Analysis of Cleft Lip and Palate Management in a Tertiary Hospital in South India: Is There Room for Improvement?
Panikkar M

Organizational Factors Influencing the Adoption of the District Health Information System 2 in Uasin Gishu Sub County Hospitals, Kenya
Kuyo RO, Muiruri L, Njuguna S

Clinico-Pathologic Discrepancies in Diagnosis of Maternal Mortality at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital
Mohamed O, Nyongesa P, Macharia B, Odunga J, Marsha J

Awareness and Use of Antibiotics Among Jordanian Mothers for Treating Upper Respiratory Tract Infections
Samara B

Remediation Through Coaching for Repeated Examination Failure: Trainees Perspectives
Tomkins A, Gilbert J

The Perceived Role of Community-Based Medical Education Among Kenyan-Trained Medical Doctors’ Choice of Rural Practice
Chege PM

Internet/Digital Use Among Medical College Students of King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia
Wani MM, Abbag LF, Alkhttabi NF, Assiri AA, Bhat Z

Focused Small-Group Teaching in ENT: 3 Years’ Experience in 159 Medical Students
Morris S, Ross T, Roderick M, Yang D

Developing Research Competencies of Undergraduate Medical Students in Sub- Saharan Africa
Nyarko OO, Ansong D, Osei-Akoto A, Konadu SO, Opoku G

Awareness and the Use of Evidence-Based Medicine Resources Among Physicians
Alhelo A

Humanism in Medical Practice: What, Why and How?
Hulail M

A Rare Case of Masked Septal Abscess in a Patient with Lower Respiratory Tract Infection on Prolonged Antibiotic Therapy
Mogre DA, Vora K

Implementation of Hospital Management Information Systems on Service Delivery in Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, Kenya
Cheruiyot B, Muiruri L, Njuguna RS

Socio-Economic Determinants that Influence the Effectiveness of Community-Based Tuberculosis Care in Meru County, Kenya
Mberia JK, Kei RM

The Practice of the Informed Consent Process on Survey Studies Involving Healthcare Providers as Participants at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital
Chesir L, Baliddawa JB, Nyongesa P

Treatment of Osteoarthritis in Basilar Thumb Joints – A Review Article
Brennan C, Knight R

Tablet Personal Computer Use by Medical Students in China: A Quantitative Study
Li J, Mukherjee A, Wang Q

Subcostal Port and the Port Site Hernia: A Comparative Study
Hussain A, EL-Hasani S

Quality Improvement: Improving the Quality and Safety of Evening Ward Cover Medical Handover
Mustafa Q

Abstracts from the 8th International Academic and Research Conference 2018

Haematological and Lymphoproliferative Comorbidities in Hepatitis B and C
Varahabhatla V, Daria S, Uchasova E, Vedula U

Doctors Academy Workshop on Key Skills for Urology Trainees
Lia Gan JJ, Wei Gan JJ, Hsien Gan JJ, Kuah CY, Ojha H, Ganta S, Enoch S

How We Made Breaking Bad News Skills Training Workshop Relevant to Twenty-First Century Residents at Moi University School of Medicine
Chumba D, Ayiro L, Chang'ach JK, Marete I

Perinatal Outcomes of Expectant Management of Severe Preeclampsia at MTRH
Jumba B, Nyongesa P, Tonui P, Odunga J

Intravitreal Bevacizumab A Cause for Concern in Patients with Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy Undergoing Pars Plana Vitrectomy
Khalil M, Alakeely AG

The High Ratio of Undiagnosed Cases of Low Back Pain
Iyalomhe OE, Vyshlova IA

Single Stitch Mesh Fixation During Laparoscopic Trans-Abdominal Pre-Peritoneal Groin
Hussain A, Owers C, Komolafe O, El-Hasani S

Medical Student Involvement in and Attitudes towards Audit and Research
Trethewey SP, Morlet J, Reynolds EKM, Trethewey CS, Norman RI

Impressions of Musculoskeletal Medicine Education in Current Doctors
Kropelnicki A

Body Mass Index and Pregnancy Outcomes in Expectant Women
Oluoch D, Nyongesa P, Mwaliko E, Odunga J

The Significance of proANP and NT Pro-BNP Levels Measurement in Patients with Arterial Hypertension
Virajitha M, Varahabhatla V, Sahithi K, Ushakiranmayi V, Ivanovich TI, Yakovich DS

Development of Novel Strategies in Management and Prevention of Psoriatic Disease Exacerbation
Varahabhatla V, Sharmila M, Mithilesh B, Nataliya R

Undergraduates or Under Stress A Study from an Indian
Govindaraja C, Chandramouli A, Ravichandran S, Gautham R, Chandramouli C, Jassel J

Successes and Limitations of Community-Based Education
Katwa JK, Ayiro LP, Kei R, Baliddawa J

Predictive Markers for Surgical Site Infection in Laparoscopic
Darwin O

Constructing the Human Face Learning Anatomy
Bechar J

Challenges Faced in Implementing SPICES Model at Moi University College of Health Sciences
Katwa JK, Baliddawa J, Ayiro LP, Kei R

Association between Depression and Socio Demographic Factors among Nurses Working in Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital
Nyamwata J, Kokonya D, Odera P, Sanga PK

Endoscopic Retrieval of Impacted Gallstone in the Rectum
Alchoikani N; Comez T; Zammit M

Education Curriculum of Circumcising Males to Reduce the Spread of HIV/ Aids in a Noncircumcising Community: Logical Analysis of the Practice among the Luo of Kenya
Dr KOdhiambo AK

Students Perception and Preference of Problem Based Learning at Moi University College of Health Sciences
Katwa JK, Ayiro LP, Kei R, Ballidawa J

Identification of the Potential Indications and Short-Term Outcome of Intravitreal Injection of Bevacizumab at Regional Referred Eye Hospital in Madinah, Saudi Arabia
Alahmadi GM, Aziz HAM, Jabri MA, Alhosaini AA, Al-barry M

Does Clinical Training in Pediatrics Improve Med III Students Approach to Children? A Cohort Study
Joey EK, Mode A, Georges FA, Issam M, Georges N, Valeria M, Ishak M, Josephine S, Khalife F, Claude MJ

Defining the Role of the Future Surgeons: Key Skills Course in The Surgical Curriculum
Singh G, Javed S, Gajanan K, Tandon R, Hooper G, Selvasekar C, Enoch S

Implementing Innovative Medical Education Strategy at Moi University College of Heath Sciences: Are There Enough Resources?
Katwa JK

Improving Medical Students Preparedness for Post-Graduate Practice: A Supplementary Teaching Programme
Nurse K, Jones T

The Course of the Disease in Patients with Multidrug Resistant Tuberculosis with Depression
Vamsi V, Tekwani, Roman Y, Anton L

Rare Cases of Pneumatosis Intestinalis and Hepatic Portal Venous Gas without Bowel Ischaemia
Lim LI, Kashem A, Mahmood K, Solkar M, Siddiqui K

A Study Evaluating the Awareness of International Medical Students About the Evolution and History of Medical Terminologies
Williams RC, Enoch S

Are We Selecting Patients Appropriately for ITU Following Major Abdominal Operation? A Retrospective Review
Batt J, Vincent R

Abstracts from the 7th International Academic and Research Conference

The 8th International Medical Summer School, Manchester: A Report
Heap J

Controversies in Management of High Energy Tibial Plateau Fractures: A Systematic Review
Osborne A, Barry M

Paediatric Surgical Intervention In Sierra Leone: A Retrospective Study of 204 Patients
Kwasau H

Anterior Cruciate Ligament: Single Vs Double Bundle

Metaplastic Carcinoma of Breast A Rare Tumour with Uncommon Presentation
Krishna S; Naveen L; Shenoy R; Kadage V

Generation Y (Gen Y) Issues in Medical Education at Private University in Shah Alam, Malaysia: Bridging the Gap
Annuar PIBK; Ariffin IAB; Ghazi FH

Does Linking a Medical Learning Point to a Relevant Fictional Character Enhance Knowledge Acquisition?
Muscat M; Ireson G; Richards R; Turner M

Comparing Clinical Learning Effectiveness Among Lecture-Based Training, SimulationBased Training and Training Using Animal Tissue Models
Keung LP; Eric CWK; Elaine CYW; Lok CK; Henry WYH; Wah KC

Can Witty Introductory Quotes Help Rivet Attention in Chemical Pathology?
Muscat M; Ireson G; Richards R; Turner M

Anticonvulsant and Anxiolytic Properties of the Leaves Extracts of Cymbopogon Proximus
Ibrahim MS

Anterior Abdominal Wall Leiomyoma Arising De Novo in a Perimenopausal Women Diagnostic Enigma
Krishna S; Vivekananada M; Hegde KS; Shenoy R

A Case Report of Kienbocks Disease in A Thirteen Year Old Girl
Campbell NM; Scrimshire AB; Sharpe K

Academic Efficacy and Cost Analysis of a Free-To-Use Bedside Teaching Programme in Enhancing The Learning Experience of Medical Students: A View From a UK Teaching Hospital
Lewis M; FitzMaurice T; Fairclough G; Guha A

Differentiating a Metastatic Breast Cancer and an Eccrine Tumour
Ballance L; Lim L; Absar M

Effect of Povidone-Iodine Dressings on Surgical Site Infection Rate: A Randomised Controlled Trial
Lim LI; Mastan S; Matsumoto K; Harkness R; Teasdale R; Deshpande A

Impact of Health Education on Breast Self-Examination Among Nursing Students
Udgiri RS; Sorganvi V; Patil V

Running thread: Foundation doctors’ attitude to Psychiatry
Aamer SM, Merrony I, Atkins C

Standardised Patients versus Student Role Players in the Teaching of Undergraduate Medicine Communication Skills
Sailesh MK; Ong GS; Goodson M; Smith D

The Role of Metacognitive Awareness of Reading Strategies as a Predictor of Academic Achievement
Panchu P; Bahuleyan B; Seethalakshmi K; Thomas T

Abstracts from the 6th International Academic and Research Conference

Bridging the Gap Using ENT Emergency Clinics
Dr Wong EH

Defining the Role of a Medical Student during a Sub-Internship
Mr Persaud-Sharma D; Mr Anderson F

Mallet Finger Injuries - A Review Article
Mr Bhavsar D; Mr Knight R

Parent-Child Resilience in Cleft Lip or/and Palate Condition: A Review
Ms Juneja A*; Dr Juneja DK**; Dr Juneja A***

How We Devised and Implemented Foundation Trainee Led Audit Poster Days - an Engaging and Popular Means of Teaching Audit Process
Dr Evans WDG*; Dr Syed O**; Dr Gawne S**

Perceptions of the Effectiveness of Mentoring Programme among Medical Students In a Private University in Selangor, Malaysia
Maher D FF; Al-Zurfi NMB; Akram A; Ghazi FH

Abstracts from the 5th International Academic and Research Conference

A Randomised Control Study on Neurosensory Outcomes of lioingunal Neurectomy in Lichtensteins Hernia Repair
Dr Kudva A, Dr Lakshminarayana B, Dr Addala PK, Dr Prasad S

Biocompatibility of Fe3O4 Nanoparticles Evaluated in Vivo
Dr Croitor D, Dr Mîndrila I, Dr Laura P

Cutaneous Adverse Drug Reactions in Hospitalized Patients in Benghazi, Libya
Mr De Neini O

Dupuytren’s Contracture - a Review of Pathology and Treatment
Dr Millar E, Mr Knight R

Evaluation of a Teaching Programme in an Acute Medical Unit
Dr Butt MI; Dr Tan HL; Dr Mamo J; Dr Waheed N

Impact of a One-day teaching Course on Invasive Procedures Training in Foundation Year Doctors
Dr Lim L, Dr Lai Chin Kon D

Perception of Breastfeeding among Female Medical Students, Taibah University, Medina, Saudi Arabia 2012
Dr Al-Ahmadi G, Ms Jabri G, Ms Aziz G, Ms Ehab M, Ms Khaled M, Ms Hafiz A, Ms Hadi H

A Career in Clinical Anatomy
Mr Crowson R, Professor Abrahams P

A Career in Global Health Medicine
Ms Millichamp K, Dr Fisher P

A Career in Military Medicine
Mr Clarke M, Professor Hawes S

A Career in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Dr Pai A

A Career in Wilderness Medicine
Mr Secker K

Investigating Patients Using Aspirin for the Primary Prophylaxis for Thrombotic Vascular Disease
Dr Quddus A, Dr Ottey DS

Long QT Syndrome Case Series
Dr Thiru S, Dr Vyapury V

Social Science is the Backbone of Medical Education
Dr Algur VS

The Prescription of Analgesia A Questionnaire for Junior Doctors
Dr Pettipher A

To Study the Level of Stress in Students in Professional School
Dr Kaur G, Dr Matreja PS, Dr Kaur J, Dr Gupta AK, Dr Singh A, Dr Khanna PML

Varenicline and Depression a Literature Review
Dr Eugene YH Yeung, Dr Beverly L Bachi, Dr Shann Long, Dr Jessica SH Lee, Mr Yueyang Chao

Addressing the dual needs of substance misuse and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: an audit and a literature review
Ragsdell B, Theodosiou L

Audit: The Prescribing of Escitalpram and Citalopram in the Later Life
Dr Hankir A, Dr Tharaken V, Dr Ratcliffe J

Day in the life of a psychiatrist working in learning disabilities and forensics
Dr Halder N

Dr Halder N

From the C word- Cancer, to the M word mental Illness; How Negative Attitudes are Shaped and Overcome
Dr Hadjidemetriou

Identifying the Perceptions of Hospital Consultants with Regard to Faculty Development in the UK: A Qualitative Study
Agius S, Duffy K R.G.N.*, Jones A*, Garden A, Hayden J

Interview with Dr Dinesh Bhugra
Dr Hankir A

Media and the Coverage of Psychiatry
Dr Halder N, Dr Niazi A, Dr Ahmed Z, DrCasey P

Music and Healing: The Role of Positive Affect
Dr Kaye E, Dr Susan Rutherford

Putting Culture Back into Psychiatry
Prof Bhugra D, Mr Halder N, Mr Hankir A

The Making of a Student Psychiatry Society
Dr Kaye E, Dr Halder N

The Post-graduate Psychiatry Training Programme in Malta
Dr Aquilina FF

The Right to Mental Health and Parity
Prof Bhugra D, Dr Campion J, Prof Sue Bailey

Using the DISCERN Instrument and Flesch- Kincaid Readability Scale to Assess the Reliability and Readability of Online Mental Health Treatment Information
Dr Mehul Patel, Dr Neel Halder, Dr Louise Theodosiou

The Anatomy and Pathogenesis of Tendinous Interconnection between Flexor Tendons in the Hands of Musicians
Dr Stephens S

The First National Undergraduate Conference for Clinical Anatomy (NUCCA)
Dr Aydin A, Dr Pervez A

Use of Mixed Teaching Modality: Pakistani Medical Students Perspective
Dr Mukhtar F

Wireless Sensor Networks in Health Care Applications
Ms Deepapriya, Professor Enoch S

Integrated Academic and Clinical Training Programmes in the United Kingdom
Mr Hankir A, Ms Derbyshire L

Management of Paediatric Trauma in Siblings with Pyknodysostosis: A Case Report
Mr Scrimshire AB , Mr Shah F, Mr Bruce C

Synchronous Colorectal Cancers: A Case Report and Review of Literature
Dr Prabhu R, Dr Sindhura, Dr Sunil K, Dr Sakshi S

Abstracts from 4th The International Academic and Research Conference - Prize Winning Abstracts

Abstracts from 4th The International Academic and Research Conference - Oral Presentations

Abstracts from 4th The International Academic and Research Conference - Poster Presentations

Systematic Literature Review: Do Socio-economic Barriers Exist in British Medical School
Mr Kosala Desilva-Abeysinghe

An Argument to Integrate Social Media into Professionalism Training in Undergraduate
Mr Daniel Darbyshire

How Can the Efficacy of Acupuncture be Assessed in Improving Chronic Pain?
Dr Magdalena Niestrata-Ortiz

I Sing the Body Electric: a Historical Perspective of
Francesco Adami

What do nurses expect from newly qualified doctors?
Dr Gawne S, Dr Kapur BP, Dr Lumsden C

The Management of Transient Loss of Consciousness (TLOC) in Adults and Young Adults
Dr Sharmaine Thiru, Dr Michelle Poulson

Training in cosmetic and reconstructive gynaecology
Dr MJ Farquharson, Dr S Sircar

Basic Principles of Electrosurgery and Energized Dissection:Monopolar, Bipolar and beyond
Mr Sukitha Namal Rupasinghe, Ms Anne Shrestha, Ms Karen Chung Ling Au-Yeung

A qualitative evaluation study on the perception and operation of Deprivation of Liberty
Dr Angharad Gray

Using a microfluidic device to investigate the role of the furry (FRY) gene in Dictyostelium discoideum
HL Gray, Y Belotti, C Weijer

The landmark technique remains a safe alternative to ultrasound guidance for performing a Fascia iliacus block: A cadaveric study
GHE Robertson, SN Rupasinghe, AB Scrimshire, JS Dunn

Anatomy of Trauma, Emergency Medicine and Operative Procedures
D Lim, S Iqbal

The diagnostic work-up of stable chest pain at a large university teaching hospital
G Sen, R Wheeler

How does addiction occur?
M Niestrata-Ortiz

5th International Medical Summer School, It’s fun to learn
D Ghatak

Interview with Professor Laurence Kirmayer, Director of Cultural Psychiatry, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
A Hankir

An Introduction to Emergency Medicine
E Brincat

A career in Military Medicine
M Clarke, S Hawes

Dental-derived Stem Cells and Whole Tooth Regeneration: An Overview
Dr. Prashant Chetal, Dr. Pratima Bhutani, Dr. Deepak Bhutani, Dr. B.R Chetal

A Career in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Dr. Kiruthika Sivasubramanian

Ulceration of the Lower Limb:An Introduction to Medical and Surgical Intervention
Ms Natalie M Roberts, Ms Karen Au-Yeung

An Introduction to a Career in Psychiatry
Dr. Mayura Damanhuri, Dr Neel Halder

Post Operative Surgical Care
Ms. Naima Poonja, Ms. Laura Derbyshire

Introducing a Career in Pathology
Mr Gursevak Singh, Dr Anne Marie Kelly

Abstracts from the 3rd International Academic and Research Conference 2013 - Prize Winning Abstracts

Abstracts from the 3rd International Academic and Research Conference 2013 - Oral Presentations

Abstracts from the 3rd International Academic and Research Conference 2013 - Poster Presentations

Use of CURB-65 scoring in Community Acquired Pneumonia
Ms Karen Au-Yeung

Quality of educational environment among Egyptian medical students using DREEM
Dr Randah Mohamad Helal, Dr. Ragaa El-Masry, Dr. Abdel-Hady El-Gilany

An Introduction to Forensic Pathology
Miss Fatima Saeed, Dr Helen Denley

Pre-Operative Optimization of Surgical Patients
Ms Naima Poonja

An Introduction to Genito-Urinary Medicine
Mr Pouya Mafi, Dr. Ranjababu Kulasegaram

The Scope of Medical Education in Egypt
Dr Nada Maged Maurice

Issues Surrounding Childhood Stroke : A Case Report and Review of the Literature
Mr Leslie Cheng

Introducing a Career in Tropical Medicine
Ms Jennifer Khan-Perez, Dr Katherine Ajdukiewicz

An Introduction to Plastic Surgery
Mr Reza Mafi, Mr Sandip Hindocha

An Introduction to Public Health Medicine
Ms Katie Millichamp, Dr Pip Fisher

An Overview of Sutures in Surgical Practice
Dr Katie Young

Operating Theatre: Essential Concepts and Procedures
Mr Karl Walsh, Dr Jemma Boyle

The Use of Geometric Morphometrics as a New Method to Analyse Glenoid Bone Loss after
Mr Thomas Key, Professor Lennard Funk

An Introduction to Orthopaedic Surgery
Mr Hasan Mohammad, Mr Rajat Verma, Mr Muthu Jeyam

2nd Kolkata Annual Research and Medical International Congress
Mr Shubhajit Dutta, Dr Kalpajit Banik

Basics of Knot-Tying, Suturing and Applications
Ms Michelle Griffin

Antigen Microarrays for Rapid Screening of Rheumatoid Arthritis
Ms. Sophie Wing

Role of Cloud Computing in the Provision of Healthcare
Ms. Anusha Bamini, Professor Sharmini Enoch

Stem Cells Treatments for Huntington’s Disease
Dr. Jason Seewoodhary

Management of Major Trauma: A Malaysian Perspective
Dr. Kashfil Tengku, Dr. Narisa Damanhuri, Dr. Jazree Jamaluddin

Osteoradionecrosis (ORN) of the Jaw
Ms. Anam Ashraf, Mr. Shakeel Akhtar

Assessment and Management of Head and Spinal Cord Injuries
Dr. Kashfil Tengku, Dr. Narisa Damanhuri, Dr. Jazree Jamaluddin

Future Excellence International Medical Summer School 2012
Ms. Prachi Pophali

A report from the “Hyderabad Annual Medical Students’ Assembly” 2012
Mr. Rajkumar Elanjeran, Ms. Meghana Kasula, Dr. Shwetha Mangalesh,
Dr. Manish Chandra Prabhakar

World University Anatomy Challenge 2012 A Doctors Academy Event
Mr. Michaël Ruyssers

Doctors Academy Award for Academia and Research
Mr. Thomas Key

The Use of Geometric Morphometrics as a New Method to Analyse Glenoid Bone Loss after Shoulder Dislocation
Mr. Thomas Key, Professor Lennard Funk

An Introduction to Anaesthesiology
Dr. Bridie O'Neill, Dr. Akbar Vohra

An Introduction to General Practice
Mr. Gursevak Singh, Dr. Philip Burns

A career to Rheumatology
Ms. Tasleema Begum, Dr. Rachel Gorodkin, Dr. Pauline Ho

Abstracts from the 2nd International Academic and Research Conference 2012 - Oral Presentations

Stroke Prevention in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation
Dr. Karen Au-Yeung, Dr. Mira Kharbanda

Follow-up Chest X-ray Following Regression of Community Acquired
Dr. Karen Au-Yeung

Interview with Professor Ged Byrne:
Dr. Ahmed Hankir

World University Anatomy Challenge 2012
Mr. Gilbert Gravino

Abstracts from the 2nd International Academic and Research Conference 2012 - Poster Presentations

Fundamentals of Acute Wound Healing
Mr Leslie Cheng

Abstracts from the 1st International Academic and Research Conference 2011 - Oral Presentations

Abstracts from the 1st International Academic and Research Conference 2011 - Poster Presentations

Should Society Take Precedence Over Individuals and Do Scientists Need
Dr. Stuart Enoch, Dr. Ahmed Hankir

The Portrayal of Mental Illness in Film and its Application as a Learning
Dr. Ahmed Hankir, Mrs. Mariam Albazi, Mr. Nam Tien Nguyen

Elective Opportunities in Lebanon
Dr. Ahmed Hankir, Mrs. Mariam Albazi

Elective Opportunities in Lebanon: The Abouzahr Elective Scheme of
Dr. Ahmed Hankir

An Introduction to Cardiology
Dr. Bridie O'Neill

An Introduction to Cardiothoracic Surgery
Dr. Bridie O'Neill

The Role of Cell-Based Imaging in Drug Discovery
Dr. Jason Seewoodhary